Serena Kwok

Vice President of Corporate Relations
External Team

Doer, chatterbox, ice cream addict, optimistic, wannabe dating expert

Serena can list each prominent person on every Canadian bill, can out-eat you in an ice cream showdown, and can create a nickname for you in under 15 minutes. Real talk, her claim to fame is being a “Tinder Guru,” she can recreate your bio and reorganize your pictures, if you really think about it, getting more hits on Tinder comes down to marketing and self-branding. No seriously, she’s really good at it. She’s also a journalism student so if you wanted to get away with any shenanigans aka bad grammar, girl’s coming for you. Also, corgis make her cry in joy.

Why do you think the world needs entertainment? 

If you had loads of money what do you spend it on? Creative art and furniture for your house? Raptors tickets? The latest gaming console? With the option to choose, most would happily spend it on things that excite and invigorate them. It’s entertainment. To me entertainment fuels my prominent creative side, thus I think the world would be a dull place without interesting designs, sounds, and dancing pictures.

Where do you see entertainment 5 years from now? 

Art and entertainment has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I’ve taken drama classes throughout my academic career, knew at a young age that I wanted to be situated in the media and creative industry no matter what, even if I was a business major. I see the entertainment world thriving in 5 years, companies are consistently creating innovative media to garner interest for an idea that may have never been thought of before.