Ravish Khanna

Marketing Associate
Marketing Team

Speaker, Presenter, People Pleaser, Toast Enthusiast, Employable.

Ravish is a 3rd year Business Management student with a Global Management Major and It MInor. A people person and toast enthusiast besides doing marketing with REC, Ravish does work with the Ryerson Toastmasters chapter to help many improve thier public speaking and presenting skills. He’s an anime enthusiast that hopes to use to his Quadrilingual skills to go on to work with the Japanese embassy and work up to working with the UN. Ravish Khanna hopes to be the epitome of the man of the people.

Who is your creative inspiration?

My creative inspirations are people who can tell good stories not just through thier words but putting those words into storyboards and making them a reality with thier dedication and imagination. people like Miyazaki Hayao who revolutionized the world with his animations and brought a whole a meaning to the words animation.

How do you define art?

You don’t define art. Art defines you.

If you were in Dragonball Z what would be your power level?

If I was in DBZ my power level would definitely be at least 5.