Rahul Mannapperuma

Administration Team

Hawaiian shirt wearing Ideaguy, Vinyl Collector, Techie & Tea connoisseur.

Rahul is a 4th year Student studying Business Technology Management at Ryerson University. Aside from developing plans for world domination, he fosters a curiosity for all things tech and also has a passion for the creative fields. He is currently engaged in a long term relationship with dark chocolate and believes there is no problem that cannot be solved over a cup of Earl Grey. Rahul responds well to conversations about football(soccer), music & travel and is currently seeking employment as an Instagram tea model.

Why does the world need entertainment? 

To put it simply, I believe entertainment is a vital outlet for expression, creativity and reflection. Entertainment has the power to breakdown barriers and unite people together under its various forms. That power alone speaks greatly to why the world needs entertainment.

Best advice to offer: 

Invest in a good pair of headphones. Treat yourself, you deserve better than standard apple ear buds.