Navita Verma

Vice President of Events
Events Team

organized, rebellious, event planner, passionate about law and team player.

Navita is going into her 3rd year of the Business Management program, majoring in Law, with a minoring in Economics. In addition to serving as the Vice-President of Events for REC, Navita is involved with Ryerson Law Network as Vice-President of Corporate Relations and George Vari Innovation Convention as Vice-President of Events. She hopes to attend law school following graduation and get a joint business and law degree in the pursuit of a career in corporate law. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music, and watching Netflix.

What art best represents you?

Portraits- ​I like things to be exact and to the point. Generally well organized, either in the physical with paperwork or in the mind remembering details, you enjoy it when things go just right. ​I, like the art form, pull no puns, and tell it like life shows it.

What is your creative inspiration?

Triggers and flash backs. Nature is often a primary source for creative production, as are common things that surround our lives — A sunset, a mountain, a verse of a song, a certain phrase, a child’s smile.