Madison Horner

Vice President of Operations
Administrative Team

Leader, reading enthusiast, feisty, goal-oriented, intuitive, decisive.

Madison is a third-year business student pursuing a Marketing major with a Psychology minor. Last year for REC2016 Madison was the Co-VP of Events and this year we are happy to have her return to our team as the VP of Operations. Madison is looking forward to this year’s conference and is delighted to be working with the REC family again.

How has art & entertainment affected you? 

Growing up I was actively involved in the arts by participating in fine arts, dance, and singing classes. As a result of these experiences, I decided to pursue a career in the creative field.

What was your favourite thing growing up? 

As a kid, I enjoyed watching action movies with superheroes and magic. Harry Potter was one of my favourite series and I was very sad when I did not receive my letter to Hogwarts.