Lauren Saarimaki

Speaker Coordinator
External Team

Actress, Enthusiastic, Cat Lover, Adventure Seeker, Dreamer.

Lauren Saarimaki is a Toronto born actress known for her work on O, Brazen Age, Bosniak and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. She realized acting was her passion at 11 after she took playing the part of a tree a little too seriously, but she was the most truthful and authentic tree on stage. She is currently pursuing a BA in the Creative Industries at Ryerson University and is a Speaker Coordinator for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference. She enjoys spending time at a Toronto based acting academy honing her skills, adventuring around the city with friends, or watching Netflix with her cat Kaos.

How do you define art? 

Art is and always will be subjective. However, I define art as something that takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary by evoking emotion in people. An artist can give meaning to something meaningless. If you don’t believe me google search “Onement VI”. It’s an abstract painting that sold for 43.8 million dollars. It literally just looks like the artist drew a single line. However, that single line provoked an emotion in a buyer making them what to purchase the piece for 43.8 million dollars… That. Is. Art.

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid? 

Growing up as a kid my favourite thing to do was spending time at my cottage adventuring in the woods making videos about how to survive in the wilderness. They are quite comical to look back on now because my cinematography was sub par and a lot of the shots are just of my nose. I would spend hours in the woods making forts and roasting acorns over a fire I had made, all while listening to Shania Twain on my MP3 player.