Jessica Song

Creative Lead
Creative Team

Designer, artist, photographer, viewer of YouTube with a PhD in lol talk

Jessica Song is a third-year Image Arts: Photography Integrated Digital student at Ryerson University triple minoring in Film Studies, Information Technology Management (ITM), and Sociology. She has a background in theater production and visual arts where her style leans towards a mix of fine arts along with graphic design. She works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer with an interest in working with integrated digital mediums while blurring the lines between image arts and information technology. In her free time, Jessica develops mobile applications, websites, and video games.

How has art & entertainment affected you?

I can not see myself ever not creating. There are so many things I was to do and many projects I want to make that creating art has become my entertainment. To say, the arts has changed me into a creator, giving me an outlet that has recently turned into a career. What’s so attractive about the arts/entertainment is that there’s lots of feedback from the audience or viewer almost like an award.

Who is your creative inspiration?

My inspiration varies depending on what project I am working on. My mom was my first creative inspiration when I first encountered what art was and what creativity was. My mom taught me how to draw and classically trained me in traditional fine arts. Later on, I found inspiration in my own creative motivation and those around me. I become inspired by other artists and their successes. They allow me to keep creating because I love seeing others succeeding in their arts.