Jessica Quan Ly

Corporate Associate
External Team

Visionary Entrepreneur and Innovator, Professional Concert Pianist, Aspiring CPA, Certified Music & Arts Teacher, and Music Enthusiast.

Jessica Ly is a highly motivated co-op student and active third year student leader at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School Management who shows a real growing interest in her education by acting as an engaging mentor to other students and demonstrating the greatest potential. On her spare time, Jessica commits herself to her music studies at The Royal Conservatory of Music. From many years of learning music, she decided to establish her own music education service business in 2010, JQL MUSIC & THE ARTS, as the founder and executive director. As a passionate and dedicated business professional, she has a long-term objective of incorporating her Bachelor of Commerce towards her music business to grow it internationally through digital learning platforms and one-on-one lessons. She strongly believes that her dedication to learning is a never-ending journey for ongoing personal and professional development.

Why do you think the world needs entertainment? 

Without entertainment in the world, life wouldn’t be interesting. We would just eat, work, and sleep for a living.

What was your favourite thing growing up?

Plush toys and stuffed animals because they are so cute and FLUFFY!