Jennifer Doan

Creative Director
Creative Team

ARTIST, MAKES STUFF, low-key hipster, high-key sleep deprived.

Jennifer is a 3rd year Creative Industries student specializing in music, print and publishing. When she isn’t managing the Creative Team that runs all the visuals and branded content under REC, she teaches piano at a music studio, works as a Graphic Designer at the Ryerson SLC, and offers freelance design and branding services to other artists and entrepreneurs. As a former Royal Conservatory of Music Gold Medalist, VAT Academic Scholar, and one-time actress in a (soon to be aired!) commercial, Jenn is an avid believer of approaching every opportunity with an open mind. In the little free time she has left, she sleeps, plays piano, makes art, writes, and tends to an imaginary farm on Stardew Valley.

How has art affected you?

Art defines how I perceive myself and it defines the lens through which I can understand the world. I always have a story to tell, and art allows me to set that narrative into motion.

When was the last time you slept?