Gurashish Juneja

Vice President of Finance
Finance Team

Finance lead, Visual learner, Hockey enthusiast, Foodie, Travel enthusiast.

Gurashish Juneja is REC’s Vice President of Finance for the 2016-17 term. As a member of REC17, he is one of twelve executives responsible for setting the overall strategic direction of REC. In addition, he is responsible for enabling the integration of other portfolio’s and overseeing the day to day financial activities across REC. As Vice President of Finance, he is responsible for growing REC’s budget, planning and management, purchasing and overall risk management.

How has art influenced you? 

Art is a form of individual/collective expression, where an individual can express their personal feelings in an abstract form. Personally, entertainment has played a key role in shaping me, as it has allowed me to express myself fully. In the coming years, the entertainment industry in Toronto market has great potential for growth and with the addition of Hollywood North the industry is expected to grow rapidly in the foreseeable future.

What was your favourite thing while growing up? 

My childhood revolved around the Harry Potter series and have left a great mark on me. As a child, Harry was my hero, the way he could protect himself from Voldemort always inspired me. I remember most of Sundays growing up consisted of watching three of the movies back to back.