Diego Soto Rivero

Director of Creative Operations
Creative Team

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Charmingly Stubborn, Professional Last Minute Submitter, Team Player, International Personality

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1996, Diego has had to adapt to different environments multiple times. This has caused him to enjoy team-oriented projects and organizations where he can continue growing professionally and personally. Diego has a keen interest in the world of tech and hopes to join or create a start-up in the field. When not in university, Diego teaches programming and robotics to children ranging from the ages of 9 to 13.

Where do you see entertainment five years from now?

I believe artists will focus more on quality interaction (more live performances/concerts) with their fanbase as a way to not only grow their brand, but to learn about what the fans want from them. With music streaming services changing the way we consume music, artists must add value to their brand by focusing on the human side of showbusiness and artistry.

What was your favourite thing growing up?

I loved videogames. I loved them primarily as a storytelling platform and preferred single player games with a strong narrative. I especially loved ones where the choices you made resulted in different outcomes, making each experience different enough to be worth playing again.