David Chau

Vice President of Marketing
Marketing Team

Social Media Addict, Watch Fanatic, Black Coffee Connoisseur, Technology Guru, R&B Wannabe.

As an overachiever, content creator, and photographer, David is known for his versatile and cross-functional skills. With the vision of working for a marketing firm under an advertising agency, David currently is a third-year Business Management Student. He is currently pursuing a Double Major in Marketing Management & Global Management Studies, complemented with a minor in eBusiness. As an individual that is familiar with the entertainment industry, David has professional experience as a freelance event photographer. As this year’s Vice President of Marketing, David plans to expand the reach of REC to the masses.

Where do you see entertainment going in the next five years?

Where do we draw the line once we integrate technologies with entertainment? With the movement of advancements with virtual reality, social media, and the internet. To me, in five years, entertainment will be taken over with the effects of technological immersion.

How has art & entertainment affected you?

As a photographer, I’ve spent 4 years of my life shooting event photography. Photography within itself has changed my perspectives of capturing moments, how I look at things, and how I am able to critically communicate a story through composition. Through photography, I’ve personally seen how the entertainment industries work through covering nightlife, concerts, festivals. As a result, I owe it all to the art of Photography.