Cassandra Liang

Vice President of Events
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curious, determined, innovator, approachable, matcha enthusiast.

Cassandra is a first year student in Accounting and Finance and the Co-Vice President of Events for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference. She loves the concept of connecting two separate industries together, especially when she grew up pointing out cinematography techniques and had always listened to music whenever, wherever possible. Her passions extend farther into photography, sketching, reading, and cooking.

Why do you think the world needs entertainment?

Entertainment is another medium to communicate stories and experiences to one another in a way that completely captivates the individual – whether it’s a musical piece, movie, podcast, or video game. People need entertainment to see the world in a new perspective, to sympathize with a character’s struggles, and to most importantly, invoke dialogue. I find the most effective pieces of entertainment force people to speak or leave you in silent, critical thinking.

Which video game are you playing right now?

Monster Hunter Generations!