Aya Ladki

Speaker Coordinator
External Team

curious, ambitious, warm, eccentric, nerd.

Aya is passionate about media production, innovation, and multi-disciplinary collaboration on future-driven creative projects. Outside of her degree in Creative Industries, Aya is actively engaged in projects surrounding entertainment, music, media, visual arts, digital strategy, content creation, Intellectual Property, and publishing. She is currently working on two passion projects while completing her degree. As a Digital Content Manager for TEDxRyersonU, Aya has created fresh local content celebrating the Ryerson Community’s ideas worth spreading. As the Speaker Coordinator for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference, Aya is curating and coordinating content. Her goal for the conference is to curate a diverse group of forward-thinking Canadian leaders in Film and Television, Music and Live Events, and Gaming and Digital Media to discuss future trends in the entertainment space.

Why do you think the world needs entertainment? 

Entertainment is timeless. Captivating narratives are what brings people together.

Who is your creative inspiration? 

It’s not necessarily a who, but I take a lot of inspiration from science, science fiction, and physics. String theory, alternate dimensions, space, and probability. These concepts open my world to a new extension of reality that peaks my curiosities, fears, emotions, and interests.