Aml Sultana

Events Associate
Events Team

BTM Student,Makeup Enthusiast, Hard Worker, Learner, Painter

Aml Sultana is currently a BTM student at Ryerson who loves all things beauty and loves to learn new things day by day. She is a passionate learner who does the best she can do at any given tasks. She is an event associate at REC and is given the opportunity to learn more about the conference and to also give a helping a hand in the process. She loves what she does and what she learns everyday.

Why do you think the world needs entertainment?

The world needs entertainment to stay sane. There are many different ways of entertainment so to each person it can be and mean different things. Entertainment keeps the world happy and gives people a little escape from their hectic lives.

What art best represents you?

Paintings. As a kid and occasionally today as well, I love painting. It gives me a chance to express myself and feel accomplished when I have filled an empty canvas.