Alexandru Titu

Creative Team

Producer, Cinematographer, Perfectionist, Industrious, #noSleep.

Walk by the Ryerson campus and you’ll likely see Alexandru everywhere you go. Shooting, editing, buying a Red Bull, or three, or sleeping in a recording studio because it’s too late to drive home. Alexandru is currently a first year Media Production student, and a videographer for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference. Alexandru’s passion for media production began at the early age of 14, when he produced his first documentary. Alexandru has placed countless hours into perfecting his craft and continues to look for opportunities around every corner.

Why do you think the world needs entertainment? 

Without entertainment, you wouldn’t be able to watch movies in bed, listen to music walking down the street, or play Mario Kart on your Wii. That would be tragic.

How has art & entertainment affected you? 

Art and entertainment has provided me with a creative outlet to tell stories and share my passion for media production with a large audience inclusive of all demographics. I’m inspired not only by one individual, but by all media producers and entertainers, who are each able to project their thoughts in their own unique sense.